Written and oral translations

Since 2004 the language school Lingua plus has offered professional translation services in different fields such as car industry, technical documentation, tender documentation, medicine, banking and finance, law, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and computing. We also offer translation services which are subject to certification by court interpreters.

Types of translation

Written translation

  • We translate all text types
  • We use different CAT tools (SDL Trados, Across, Felix, Transit)
  • Certified translations
  • You get quality and timely translations
  • Different delivery options (paper, CD, email, post)

Oral translation

  • Consecutive interpreting (meetings, negotiations, court proceedings, etc.)
  • Simultaneous translation (conferences, symposia, seminars, etc.)
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The price depends on the type of translation and additional services

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PLUS Service

In the Plus service package we offer:


High level of quality is maintained through proofreading of the translated text e.i. terminological consistency, style and rules are checked before publishing the text. Make sure your text is of good quality.

Terminology management

Terms are words and phrases describing a product. Through production of a glossary we create termbase which enables terminological consistency in doing business and presenting a product. In this way you raise the reputation of your firm and ensure additional quality.

Translation course

The language school Lingua Plus organizes individual and group translation courses. They include the theory of translation, terminological seminars, CAT tools usage, etc. The price depends on goals and the number of students.

OnlineĀ ordering

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