Lingua Plus Method

The Lingua Plus Method is an important contribution to the learning process. Based on experience, it continuously adapts to the modern trends in foreign language teaching. There is a strong focus on direct communication. Our lecturers make students go through different stages of production and reception using a wide range of learning techniques and activities. The final goal is to master key competences of a foreign language.



The presentation stage is very short. A lecturer introduces the students with new contents giving them examples. The students are involved in the process through questions.


At this stage, the students are motivated to pronounce the presented material. The aim is to encourage the students to speak in a foreign language as much as possible. The lecturers monitor and correct mistakes.


Once the students have overcome the aimed language problems and structures, they are ready to use a language in a competent manner. Things like creativity, combinatorics, problem solving, etc. are encouraged here. There is a strong emphasis on language usage instead of simple repeating.

The students concentrate on spoken competence before focusing on listening or writing skills

Why Lingua plus?

  • Long experience in organizing foreign language teaching
  • Wide range of language courses (individual, group, business, specialized)
  • Compact groups (age and previous knowledge)
  • Work in small groups
  • Qualified and experienced professors
  • Continuous and professional training of our professors
  • Adaptability to your needs and goals
  • Free placement tests
  • Strong focus on the communicative method
  • Financial benefits