What is Lingua Special?

The courses are tailored to the specific needs and the way of learning. If you are interested in an individual course (one-to-one), language of science or if you simply want to prepare yourself for an international exam, then our specialized Lingua Special courses are the right thing for you.


no age limit


language of science, general language

Course duration

on request


A1 to C1

Teaching hours

on request


one-to-one, small groups

Individual course One-to-One

If you want to learn with the pace adapted to you and suitable for your schedule, then this course is the right thing for you.

  • you set the goals yourself
  • the course is designed for the specific needs (e.g. meetings, negotiations, presentations, etc.)
  • you arrange the teaching hours according to your availability
  • classes can be organized outside our classrooms
  • the price depends on the number of teaching hours

Business courses

The business courses are designed for student groups and individuals who want to improve their business communication and master technical terminology. Contemporary and authentic teaching materials as well as learning tools are included in teaching.

  • A strong focus on developing communication skills
  • Group or individual programmes
  • English/German for medical professionals
  • Legal English/German for lawyers
  • English/German for economists
  • English/German for the public sector
  • The programme is fully compatible with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
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Online Test

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